Business Policies

The only person who can make a piece of Native American Indian art is a Native American Indian.
By definition this means:

  1. An enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe
  2. A person may be considered an Indian artist if they have documentation from a specific Indian Tribe classifying them as an Indian Artist of that tribe as per 25CFR§ 309.4

Note: Deer Track Traders makes every effort to comply 100% with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (public law 101-644).

Non-Indians can make Indian style merchandise but can not make Indian merchandise.

We carry some items which are not made by Native American Indians. These pieces are clearly represented as non-Indian items. Everything else we sell is made by, and can be traced to, Native American Indian craftspeople.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance both tradition and creativity among Indian artists. This concept allows for the use of new techniques as well as embracing tried and true methods of crafting. It is our belief that an Indian artist should be able to use technology to improve his ability to creatively enhance his artwork. Just as metal knives came to replace flint blades, the use of offset prints, pre-cut stones, spin cast feathers and commercial canvas have contributed to the craftsman’s ability to survive in a competitive marketplace, while retaining his or her cultural values and beliefs.